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We offer a variety of other courses at Cheshire Language Academy.


These include speaking exams for British Citizenship/Naturalisation for Visa purposes, an advanced course in using idioms and phrasal verbs

to help with the tricky everyday English you hear and want to use

plus an English for Work course to prepare you

for employment in the UK


For more information on any of these courses please read on, or contact a tutor at the Academy today. 


If you want to apply for British Citizenship, you need to pass:

  • The Life in the UK Test

  • B1 Level English Language Assessment

The Life in the UK Preparation Course will help you to prepare to take the test.

You will learn about the culture, history and politics of the UK from a native English speaker, using a Government Approved course book.

You will take the exam at an approved test centre.

We need 4+ students to start a course.

Price Packages Available:

10 week course + course book = £185

10 week course + course book + practice paper + exam + booking fee = £270



This course is for 4 hours a week (10 am - 2.30 pm on Thursdays) and aims to prepare you for employment in the UK.  It is for learners at B1+/B2 level.

You will cover areas such as making a good impression, crisis management, euphemisms, being assertive and negotiating.

The course is for 15 weeks and costs £485.

You can pay in full or in monthly instalments over 3 months.

A2 1.jpg

C1 Advanced Language in Use - speak like a native!

This course is for 15 weeks, attending 2 hours a week on Wednesday afternoons 12.30 - 2.30 pm

You will learn many idioms which are in everyday use 

in the UK, to understand their meaning and

to use them yourself in social and work situations.

Not an easy course so aimed at C1 learners.

It's the only way to sound like a native speaker!!

The course is £260 including the book and you can pay

in monthly instalments over 3 months


English Assessments are FREE to find out your English level. 

Our next assessments are on Tuesday 13th / Wednesday 14th / Thursday 15th February 2024

Come in on any one of those days between 10 am - 7 pm


Assessment takes about 20 minutes. Your work will be marked and you will be advised which classes are best for you.


Please bring a pen, paper, any ESOL certificates you have, any Home Office documents you have, passport or ID.

If you want to join a class you will need to pay a deposit, the first instalment or the total fee.


You can pay by card, cash or a bank transfer. You cannot start a group until you have made your first payment.

Your course may be FREE but we will advise you on that.


'In here you can learn  more about English and make new friends.'


'The teacher's teaching style is lively and interesting.  It allows me to participate and focus on the lesson.'


'The atmosphere in the classroom is very happy!'


'I like how they teach in Cheshire Language Academy.  We're like a family here.  All teachers are very kind.'


'Teachers are very nice and teach patiently.' 

'English classes are very helpful for me for my job, speaking to my boss and workmates.  It's a very good school with nice teachers and very friendly.' Pawel

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