Please email giving your name, the language you want to learn and your starting level, and we will contact you when a course is going to begin.


We require 4 people at the same level to start a course and we have a maximum of 10 learners in any class.


That way you can take part in each session and

have chance to ask your questions.

Our language courses do not lead to a formal qualification. 


Join a group and give the locals a surprise next time you're on holiday!

                   Course Length: 10 weeks, 2 hours per week (evening)


Price: £150


From Mandarin to Spanish, German to Russian, Italian to French,

we have a number of different classes taking place in 2021/22

with native speaking professional teachers.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these languages.

As well as these, we offer some GCSE and A Level extra support classes. Contact for more information. 

Private 1:1 or 2:1 sessions are available.  

Please see the 'Private Tuition' tab



I have been studying Russian for a couple of years now with the Academy. The Russian course is very enjoyable. Relaxed but at the same time challenging.  The tutor is very pleasant and gives us encouraging feedback and focus.

I work for Perkins Engines in Irlam and deal with customers in different countries. 
The Russians I speak to are surprised how well I can speak their language.

Colin Blackledge, student

"To all those who still hesitate whether to enrol on a language course or not: guys this school literally changed my life, it boosted my career far beyond my expectations, really.


In my humble opinion, the longer you wait the more you lose. I am a real example of a success story that has been built on a solid base, which was provided by Cheshire Language Academy, I will never thank them enough.


really do recommend them wholeheartedly."

Slaw Kuprowski, Former student