Do you want to teach English as a foreign language abroad?  It's a good way to travel and see the world as well as getting paid and gaining that all important experience and confidence.  But do you know what this entails and the skills you need to enjoy the work and deliver it professionally?  
A typical full CELTA course is an intensive 4 week course costing, on average, £1500+ so it would be useful to know a little about it before committing.  Our course will help you do that and you will meet like-minded people too.  The course is taught by highly experienced, qualified professionals who can answer all your questions and guide you into making the right decision.  
Why not enquire now about spaces on our day courses and find out what teaching English as a foreign language is all about?  If you're still interested then you can apply for a CELTA course with confidence.
​The cost for the CELTA Taster Day is £150 and includes all materials.


Learner Comments:
"Having taught for over 30 years in the primary sector, it is always useful to learn new ways to improve.  I feel that for either an experienced teacher or a complete novice, this course is pitched exactly right and there is plenty for everyone to learn." - Christine Tait

"My knowledge has improved greatly and I now feel more confident regarding the CELTA course." - Ben Brooks



Opportunities are available now so if you're looking for a career change, new experiences or to improve your career prospects, come in to see us to book on the taster day.
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Teacher Training Courses 

Due to the increased popularity in online courses, we are not officially offering TESOL courses.  However, if you are interested please contact us anyway and we can reintroduce the course if numbers are acceptable.

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