Student Reviews

I was very happy study English in CLA, and it gave me many good memories. I remembered the first day was very relaxed and happy. It made me less shy to speak English. Nearly 6 months studying with Abby's teaching, my British family felt my English improved very quickly. Thanks to all the teachers and students. – Ping, China (Elementary General Course)

I'm very happy to share with you my happiness of getting grade B in all parts of OET. This could not have been done without your help, I am so glad I knew you, I can't thank you enough. - Hanan, Iran (OET 1:1)

English classes are very helpful for me for my job, speaking to my boss and workmates. It's a very good school with nice teachers and very friendly. - Pawel, Slovakia (Cambridge FCE Course)

I passed the CAE exam comfortably with a sufficient score. I finished the course successfully and I also maintained friendship with some of the students after our class broke off. I also take this opportunity to say thank you to the excellent teaching staff, namely to Lesley, Janet and Gareth. It's been pleasure to attend your classes. – Michal, Czech Republic (Cambridge CAE Course)

I got a lot of information and it will be very useful next time I'm away! I enjoyed the lessons as always, thank you! - Liz, England (Spanish for Beginners)

In September 2014 I decided to join the Academy and I couldn’t have made a better decision. It is hard to express how grateful I am to my teachers Ruth, Janet and Lesley who created a warm and homely atmosphere and thanks to them I have managed to achieve such a great results. – Vlad, Slovakia (Cambridge PET, FCE & CAE Course)

To all those who still hesitate whether to enrol on a language course or not: guys this school literally changed my life, it boosted my career far beyond my expectations, really. In my humble opinion, the longer you wait the more you lose. I am a real example of a success story that has been built on a solid base, which was provided by Cheshire Language Academy, I will never thank them enough.I really do recommend them wholeheartedly.  Slaw Kuprowski

The Russian course is very enjoyable, relaxed but at the same time challenging. The tutor is very pleasant. She gives us encouraging feedback and focus. 
The Russians that I know are surprised how well I can speak their language. - Colin, England (Russian Intermediate Group)

I think my English improved because I'm more confident in my speaking. - Lenka, Slovakia (Cambridge FCE & CAE Course)

I just wanna let you know that I passed the FCE exam. I want to thank you and all at the Academy for everything you've done. You are the best. Carry on doing the same.  


Daniel Yordanov    2019

I recommend this Academy because you can learn English, you can make friends and the teachers are good and they follow the Cambridge units. - Beatriz, Spain (Cambridge FCE, CAE & CPE Course)

I really enjoy the way the teacher explains the topics and the teaching methods. – Denisa, Slovakia (Cambridge FCE Course)

I had luck and found a very good group and all together started this journey to the PET Certification, at the beginning was hard but I improved a lot and during the months of classes I realised that every week I was better. I can tell you that was very important that I did the course and I recommend to you too. - Bruno, Portugal (Cambridge PET Course)

I am enjoying the lessons and they are giving me a bit more help, rather than just distance learning, I have the opportunity to interact face to face with a German speaker which I think is helping no end. - Tony, England (German 1:1)

As other foreign students I had trouble with pronunciation and grammar (I have always hated “third conditional” and don’t even mention “passive voice”). But I had a good ally - Abby. I have never forgotten her calmness and patience. I met interesting people. Where else you could meet a Buddhist monk,  Brazilian, Czech and Korean at the same place. I made some friendships and touched other cultures and traditions. - Emiliya, Bulgaria (Intermediate General Course)

I have finally managed to pass IELTS test and very pleased about it! Thank you so much for the lessons. I didn’t score less than 7 in writing after studying with you and I’m so grateful for that. I have also recommended you to my friends who are still struggling. - Keili, Estonia (IELTS 1:1)

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