English Assessments & Enrolments

Assessment and Enrolment

Classes start from the week of Monday 23rd September 2019

If you would like to start a course please come into the Academy

to complete a free assessment to find your English language level.

Our opening hours are:

Monday - Thursday 10.00 am - 7.00 pm

Fridays - CLOSED

If you would like an assessment in the evening

please call to book a time - thank you

Come in to see us
start improving your English for everyday life, for work,
to help your children.



Do I have to make an appointment for assessment?      No

Contact us for an evening appointment.

How long will assessment take?     About 20 minutes

Your work will be marked by a tutor and you will be given the result straight away.


I've already passed an ESOL exam. Do I still need to do an English assessment?


If you've passed an ESOL exam within the last year then bring your certificate with you so we can see what level you have achieved and advise on an appropriate course.  If you have not passed an exam in the last year bring any certificates you have but it is better to do a new assessment anyway as you may have improved.  


Can I enrol on an ESOL course at assessment?    Yes

When you have completed your assessment you should enrol on your chosen course then. The tutor will advise you on the best course for you.  This may be an exam course or not.  All information on the course will be given to you to help you decide. 


What do I need to bring with me to the assessment?

   a pen      any certificates you have      a passport or ID card     payment (cash/cheque)

  a VISA and/or any home office documents which show you can stay in the country

If you are the spouse of a UK citizen we will need a copy of your marriage certificate and a copy of the passport of the UK citizen you are married to.

After assessment you will enrol onto your chosen class.  To do this you will need to pay a deposit and set up any other payments, or pay for your course in full.  You can pay by card, cheque, standing order or cash.  We do not accept debit/credit cards. You cannot start your class until you have made your first payment.

Alternatively, download the assessment here, complete it on your computer and return it by email to lesleyp@cheshirelanguageacademy.com

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